Do you have a solid backup and data storage solution in place?

What if your servers crash at a critical moment? What if you lose all your business data? What if your network has been hacked and your data is inaccessible?

Having a robust backup and data storage solution in place protects you against all the ‘what ifs’. The question is whether this is a part of your business you can manage internally or whether you need to look to an external supplier to manage it on your behalf.

The levels of data that are captured and stored every day is growing at an alarming rate, so making sure you have a solid data protection and storage plan in place is a necessity to making sure your business stays on top!

We have put together the top 5 things to consider when looking for a backup solution.

1) Is it scalable?
Working with a backup solution that offers full scalability as and when your business grows will save you a lot of hassle later down the line. If you are a small business or new start up, finding a service provider that requires you to only pay for what you use would help financially.

2) Can it recover data on demand?
Having a solution that can recover your data quickly and on demand is critical. Any loss of data in a business can have a big impact very quickly to the bottom line. Using a

3) Is it an off the shelf solution?
Depending on the needs of your business, you may want to look for a solution that is designed to fit your needs. Off the shelf solutions don’t fit all business models and therefore won’t meet your requirements.

4) Does it have reporting functionality?
Having a system that can alert you about missed backups or gaps in your backup in real-time, allows businesses to quickly remedy any gaps and make sure they are fully protected at all times.

5) Can it alert me to potential problems?
If the worst were to happen and one of your ‘what ifs’ became a reality, you would want to feel safe in the knowledge that your service provider can isolate the cause of the problem and rectify it quickly.

At GiBVault we offer clients a scalable, tailor made solution that will meet your budget. We offer a unique pay as you grow service so you only pay for what you use each month.

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Do you have a solid backup and data storage solution in place?