Virtual Infrastructure as a Service

cropped-Vault_Alone_FC.jpgHoused within the Gibraltar territory our virtual Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions are suited for businesses that may lack the physical space but are looking to virtualise their IT infrastructure, without the capital expenditure of building it in-house.

Key features of GiBVault’s hosted infrastructure service:

  • Choice of co-located or private cloud implementation
  • Built with redundancy in mind
  • Simple configuration and orchestration layer
  • Highly scalable, distributed, fully encrypted storage
  • Full monitoring and bandwidth reporting and controls
  • Hardened firewall at front end
  • Auto scaling & trend analysis
  • Virtual machine/ Disk encryption, prevents even us from looking at your data
  • Zone to zone replication and Active-Active data centres
  • Data housed within private data suites.

Our aim is to offer a secure, compliant, sovereignty assured solution that is tailored to suit your business. We have a flexible pricing model in place which means you only pay for what you use each month.

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