About Us

GiBVault founded in 2015 have become the largest provider of Cloud based infrastructure services in the British Overseas territory of Gibraltar. We deliver fast, secure always-on computing resources that host production workloads for online gaming, crypto currency, financial institutions and public sector clients.

Our Goals

  • To maintain data sovereignty within the Gibraltar territory
  • Provide IT Infrastructure “as-a-service” on monthly “pay-as-use” models. Our clients benefit from enterprise class platforms without the need to purchase assets, import, build, maintain and manage anything physical.
  • Maintain a flexible resource pools of infrastructure enabling us to scale up/down with our clients’ needs very quickly. This takes the guess work out of short and long-term resource planning and sizing.

GiBVault is the trading name of Bastion Key Limited, company number 113968, a privately held company registered in Gibraltar. Registered office – 57 – 63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA