Is your IT infrastructure ready for the future?

Advancements in technology and the rapid growth of cloud computing, virtual servers, and advanced networking solutions means that your IT infrastructure may soon be unable to cope with future demands.

We outline three areas of IT that need to be addressed to make sure your infrastructure is ready for the future.

1: Big Data and Virtualisation

The increase in the amount of data that needs to be stored has grown exponentially over the last 10 years, research shows that more than 90% of all data in the globe was generated over the course of past two years. This level of data is only set to increase inline with the expected rise of the Internet of Things, which means businesses are going to be required to house and analyse more and more data than ever before.

IBM predict that software applications will control networks with Software Defined Networks (SDN) instead of traditional hardware to manage networks. Businesses still working from hardware network solutions will benefit from upgrading their networks to software based networks or virtual networks to make sure they have capacity for future demands.

2: Back up and Disaster Recovery

The level of business critical data that will be stored online, will require businesses to have a more robust and comprehensive back up solution, as well as a sufficient disaster recovery plan in place (DRaaS).

Businesses will be at greater risk of losing valuable business critical data if they do not sufficiently back up the data on a regular basis. Finding a scalable solution that can instantly back up and recover your data if the worst were to happen will mean that business down time will be kept to a minimum.

3: Security

Gone are the days when everyone worked from a desktop PC. As more data, applications and devices are used, the level of data capture that each company requires also increases significantly. The potential risk of data being leaked or lost also needs to be addressed with a solid in-house Data Protection policy.

Businesses should also consider their clients’ security and storage policies to make sure they are up to date and fully adhered to.

Using a cloud based data storage solution will give you the flexibility and scalability to effectively manage your IT. If you don’t have the skills in house then consider using a third party supplier who will be able to manage your network off site, giving you peace of mind and the extra security of having your data monitored 24/7.

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Is your IT infrastructure ready for the future?