Backup as a Service

cropped-Vault_Alone_FC.jpgAll companies store data. Sometimes small, sometimes big, sometimes huge. It’s all crucial, and it has to be protected. However, buying a server just for disaster recovery and backup is a prohibitive expense, and that’s before you’ve thought about the cost of managing, upgrading and maintaining the associated IT resources.

That is why many businesses choose to have their backup provided for them as a service.  It reduces the cost significantly, removes the challenge of managing, upgrading and maintaining the system, as well as reducing the need to have the technical expertise in-house to navigate the complex front end.

We have intentionally chosen to build and host our Backup as a Service (BaaS) offering in Gibraltar because we understand the importance of data sovereignty and the potential implications of having your business critical data held in wrong place or the wrong jurisdiction. We understand and apply our knowledge around data security and work with you to ensure our service meets your compliance requirements such a PCI.

Our Backup as a Service solution includes

  • Full platform coverage
    • Date Centre/ Server farm
    • Office computers & servers
    • Desktop computers
    • Laptops, Mac, Windows
  • Data captured to our secure Data Centre Suite
    • No more tape handling
    • Immediately off-site
    • No risk of data loss through fire, theft at premises
    • Avoid purchasing and managing backup systems
    • We manage and monitor the backup process to ensure reliability and success

Backup architecture

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