What is Business Continuity?

cropped-Vault_Alone_FC.jpgBusiness Continuity is the name given for the process explaining how your business would tackle a break in operations. Putting a plan in place that identifies potential threats to your business, whilst identifying how you would recover your business functionality in the event of a disaster, all fall under the Business Continuity umbrella.

To help your business put a Business Continuity Plan in place, the BCI have identified a Business Continuity Management Lifecycle

We have summarised the four stages here:

Analysis – Understand what your objectives are, what functionality it has and identify any environmental constraints that it operates in.

Design – Identify appropriate strategies to determine how continuity and recovery from any disruption that may occur will be achieved. Take time to identify threats and understand what their potential impact would be, and how likely they are to occur.

Implementation  – Execute the strategies outlined in the design stage, identify any problems and tweak your plan to fit your business needs.

Validation – Ensure that your Business Continuity Plan is working and is in-line with your Business Continuity Policy.


I don’t have a Business Continuity Plan, how do I get started?

Here at GiBVault, we can help you identify the potential risks associated to your business.  Our data backup facilities are all hosted within the Gibraltar territory so we can work with you to put the right processes and procedures in place to make sure your business has minimal downtime in the event of a disruption.


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