Business Continuity

Every business needs to have a business continuity plan in place to make sure they are prepared for any event that may impact their business operations.  Taking the time to identify, in detail, potential risks along with having a strategy to recover from them will pay you dividends.

Our backup solutions and data protection services will enable your business to overcome any unexpected downtime and rectify any issues as and when they arise.

The IBM’s Spectrum Protect family offers a wide range of features supporting centralised, automated data protection. They can help reduce the risks associated with data loss while helping to manage costs, reduce complexity and address compliance with regulatory data retention requirements.

Spectrum Protect helps business continuity planning by shortening backup and recovery times and by maximising application availability. With advanced data recovery management, intelligent data duplication and a hierarchy of storage it will increase efficiencies and conserve your resources. Enhanced data security with innovative access and encryption features adapt to changes within your IT infrastructure to minimise service disruptions.

Spectrum Protect underpins the GiBVault offering, providing you with the security of data protection and forms an essential part of any business continuity plan.


What is included in Business Continuity Planning?

 Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning

Disaster recovery is essential to every business and should be incorporated into a Business Continuity Plan. A disaster recovery plan outlines any potential disasters that may effect your business, for example, a fire, theft or flood that may impact your daily operations.

Businesses today are investing heavily in the cloud as part of their business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Storing essential parts of your business in the cloud means that critical data is stored virtually enabling you to quickly recover your data with minimal disruption.

GiBVault will take the time to work with you to help identify the risks within your business as well as developing an IT solution to meet your requirements.